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Can Spain be a model for the democratisation of the southern shore of the Mediterranean?

Author: Rubén Ruiz Calleja The fact of thinking that maintaining the status quo in the southern neighbourhood with authoritarian regimes brings economic benefits for Europe, is just a short-term view. In the long term, defending political and economic reforms will … Continue reading

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Geopolitics of Islam

Author: Rubén Ruiz Calleja Where is Islam going? What is the current role of Arabs in this new Islam which is spreading? Where is Pan-Arabism and Pan-Islamism? Islam today consists of more believers than ever before: around 1500 million Muslims … Continue reading

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What has happened and what can happen in the Arab World?

Author: Rubén Ruiz Calleja The wishes of democracy and freedom in Arab countries are encouraging people of these states to take to the streets in order to fight for their ideals. However, the bad economic situation in these nations and … Continue reading

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